ScreenyWeeny 6.0

The Fake Penis

The ScreenyWeeny is the world's best fake pe(e)nis. The unique Push&Pee function makes it ideal for targeted use on an important "date" and the one-hand operation means it is always ready for use straight away.
The Screeny Weeny is available in many different variations. Everyone has the choice, whether lighter or darker, circumcised or uncircumcised.

The inventor set himself the goal of bringing the world's best and most reliable fake penis to the market. He wanted an artificial penis that was always ready for use and would work even under the most adverse conditions. For this, he gave his best piece as a template to please as many people as possible.

This silicone penis is designed so close to nature that it is perfectly suitable for trans persons as a penis epithesis.


ScreenyWeeny6 von CleanU


The CleanU Screeny Weeny is a true-to-nature fake penis that looks deceptively real.

Handcrafted in Germany from high-quality make-up artist silicone, which is also used in Hollywood.
Thanks to the unique Push&Piss function, the ScreenyWeeny can be operated at any time with just one hand.


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Everyone has the right to individuality and the right to live their true self. That's why we at CleanU are concerned about transvestites, transgender persons, cross-dressers and transvestites, transgender people, cross-dressers and anyone else who wants an authentic-looking penis temporarily. That's why we do everything we can every day to satisfy even the most ambitious products to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Available in 4 different colours (depending on skin type) and 3 different models. All models have been moulded from real penises. The realistic skin colours and models make the long-awaited image of a realistic male silhouette a reality.

This way, women who dream of a penis or are planning to have surgery can test what life with a penis feels like without any pain.

Do you value excellent workmanship, an authentic look and feel? Then you will find a functional penis epithesis made of silicone with a natural look. At the same time, we stand with our name for the best quality of workmanship and service. If you want to make the transformation from woman to man inexpensively and, above all, reversibly, the ScreenyWeeny is the best choice for you. 100% safe and reliable, no dripping or leaking.

Every Screeny Weeny is handmade at the production site in southern Germany and carefully tested for function.
The current version is our masterpiece to date. It is not only the optical features that make our Screeny Weeny unique - you will also hardly notice any difference to the real "best piece". It fills us with pride that probably the best silicone penis in the world comes from our company: ScreenyWeeny - Perfection Made in Germany.

Available penis models

  • Beauty, Beast and Circumcised

Available penis colours

  • White / Mulatte
  • Black
  • Nordic White
  • Latino Brown

For DAILY use we recommend our Anti-Paranoia Pack!

We ask our customers to comply with all applicable laws.


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Anti-Paranoia-Pack (for woman) in the Onlineshop