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CleanU is not a company like any other, quite the opposite: Here, a bunch of crazy (but nice ;)) people work on inventing, producing and optimising products that protect YOUR privacy. Our CleanU products are produced at our location in southern Germany - so nothing from China - everything is "Made in Germany"!

All employees, partners, friends and acquaintances of CleanU are 100% convinced of all our CleanU products - whether Clean Urine, "Screeny Weeny" silicone fake penis, pants with secret compartment and Screen Urine Set.

Our conviction has been confirmed by our happy customers every day for more than 13 years now.

Captain Mittelstrahl

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So that we can also convince you more than 100% of our synthetic urine products, Screeny Weenys (fake penis) and pants with secret compartment, simply try our products.

Our perfect service is happy to help with questions, problems, complaints or suggestions.


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