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A multi-layered shielding special fleece and a triple magnetic closure system block all connections and signals to the outside when the bag is closed.

The protection of "The STALIN" against eavesdropping, radiation or tracking also prevents mobile devices from being detected by area scans.   

Der Stalin

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Products from "Der STALIN" are innovative shielding cases for tablets, smartphones, credit cards and keyless-go car keys. They are made of multi-layered shielding fleece, a magnetic security lock and high-quality outer material.

When closed, products from "Der STALIN" block connections and signals. This feature helps prevent spying and tracking and tracing.
Der STALIN is a southern German quality manufacturer of shielding products and stands for the highest quality materials, sustainable production and certified shielding products for car keys, smart cards as well as smartphones and tablets. Every single product is manufactured by hand in Germany and subjected to a functional test.    


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German quality product made of the highest quality materials, individually handcrafted with special shielding fleece inside for the large-scale shielding of electromagnetic radiation. Quality and function test of every single bag.    
to prevent spying, locating and area scanning as well as tracking and tracing. Shielding of connections such as WLAN, GPRS, NFR, LTE and Bluetooth for smartphones and tablets.

Protection of sensitive personal data, company secrets and customer data through shielding. "The STALIN" products block connections and signals with multiple shielding fleece and additional magnetic closure to block connections and signals to the outside.            
Scientifically tested in 2016 by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pauli / University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and effectiveness confirmed by expert opinion: When closed, the STALIN blocks radio contact with the outside world and makes signals undetectable.


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