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Authentic penis mockup made of high quality silicone with unique one-hand push & piss function

We at CleanU want to make this product available to all people worldwide - no matter which sex they feel they belong to. In a top quality at a fair price. We will continue to research and optimise the product. If you have any suggestions, please contact us directly.

The LGBTQ+Weeny will be available in 4 different skin tones.

cleanU - LGBTQ+Weeny

Good to know

This is a full cast silicone penis with hyper-realistic skin texture.

This fake penis, which is also perfect for packing, can also drain liquid through the built-in valve. This gives the impression of peeing. The authentic fake penis comes with a strap system to securely fasten the penis to the body. The strap can be individually adjusted to any size.